March 2014.
Scott is guest-editor for INNOVATION magazine on the theme of design/art/craft. The magazine is the quarterly journal for the IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America) with a circulation of over 12,000 readers. In addition to directing the theme of the magazine, Scott also conducted an interview with Italian design master Andrea Branzi.

November 2013.
SKPD is a finalist in Metropolis Magazine's 'Workplace of the Future' competition. The top twelve (of over 200) submissions are shown here.

October 25 - November 30, 2013.
"Life Support: Art -Design Sustenance"
Scott's Tower Book Displays will be part of an exhibition at the David Richard Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico featuring functional artwork.

September 17 through October, 2013.
"Doing it, and Doing it, and Doing it Well"
Scott's Spaceframe Builders Kit was featured in this Cranbrook Alumni Show at Studio Couture in Detroit.

May 18 - 21, 2013.
'Hands-On: Conceptual Craft Research"
Scott co-curated this alumni show with Chris Schanck at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in NYC. Several of his pieces we also featured in the show. A website documenting the exhibition can be found here:

September 2012. Scott Klinker for Alessi
After nearly two years in development, the Italian 'design factory' Alessi will launch a small group of products from Cranbrook, including the new 'Trellis' bowl by Scott Klinker. Available at Alessi retailers and the Alessi website.

2012 Design Week in NYC
Scott leads two major projects exhibited in NYC. 'Metal Workshop: Cranbrook for Alessi' at the Alessi SOHO showroom presents prototypes and new products from a recent workshop. 'Rest and Concentration in the Workplace' presented six prototypes from a recent student project for Herman Miller at the ICFF which earned the Cranbrook 3D Design program the prestigious 'Best School' award.

July 2010 Maker Faire Detroit
A two-day Spaceframe Installation at The Henry Ford Museum invited thousands of visitors to help in building the most monumental structures to date.

March 2010 Mix Modern Launch
The Mix Modern Collection launched in 12 major retail locations throughout Michigan.

November 2009 Crains Detroit.
Detroit Make it Here: New forms, new ideas: Q&A with Scott Klinker by Ellen Pilligian

July 2009 LA Times
Modern for the Masses by David Keeps

May 2009 NYC
Scott presents a Cranbrook student exhibition 'Innate Gestures' at ICFF in NYC.

March 2008
Beyond Fashion: Reviving Experimental Design by Scott Klinker

May 2007 Google Video
What is a Spime? Video featuring Bruce Sterling and Scott Klinker at Google to sponsor a research project exploring Spimes.

Sept. 2006
'Toward a Cultural Innovation' by Scott Klinker